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The Cupcake Girls

For women working in the adult entertainment industry, non-judgmental support, consistent caring, and messages of faith, hope and love are seldom, if ever, provided. In 2009, after a trip to Las Vegas opened our eyes to the needs of these women, we started knocking on doors of strip clubs with little more to offer than love and a box of cupcakes. Much to our surprise and delight we were not only invited in, we were invited back, and today we offer our unique brand of caring and support to women working in strip clubs in Las Vegas and Portland, and brothels in Nevada.

With each connection we make, we realize just how many women need someone to care for and believe in them. As their trust in us grows, monthly cupcakes turn into coffee dates, we end up hosting their birthday parties and baby showers, and we find ourselves invited into their lives where we assist them in whatever way we can.

Since we began our work, we've partnered with tutors, lawyers, doctors, dentists, financial advisers, and other skilled professionals who've shared their talents and expertise at no cost to our women. We've served as babysitters, chauffeurs, shoulders to cry on, hands to hold, cheerleaders, stylists, mentors, and—most importantly—friends. And we've helped women who doubt themselves and their worth become more empowered in their daily lives by gaining the strength and courage they need to grow.

Everyone needs love, support, and the occasional cupcake

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