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Overcoming Challenges

My name is E.K. I’m a believer in faith. I’ve worked for the teamsters for

18 years. However, the last few years been challenging. With my new contract, I lost my medical insurance. I’m 47 years old and I’m suffering from extreme high blood pressure, heart trouble, and gout. This is my

third time at the clinic, and I’m paying it forward by helping people with housing. By passing on the word of God in the process. Recently, a friend

of mine was blessed with a second job and starting to attend church at Trinity. He’s understanding the word now, and has one of his co-workers attending with him. God bless all of you who are involved with the clinic working with the community. From the bottom of my heart I would just

like to say thank you.


Just giving wherever and whenever possible feels good.

Dear Operation Hope dental clinic,


Hello Operation Hope dental clinic, my name is Christina and I’m one of the many people you’ve so graciously helped last year at the Huntridge Teen Clinic. I believe my visit was some time in November and you gave me this email address to write a letter after I did/do something to pay it forward. Since my visit I’ve done several things to pay it forward and to show my gratitude for what was so freely given to me. Last year was an amazing year and God blessed me with so many opportunities to be a blessing as well be blessed that I’ve made it a point to give back a little something everyday.

Wether it be my time, a smile, a random act of kindness, or just be that support or shoulder to cry on I’m there. I definitely have been blessed with a heart to serve my community in any way I can and recently, well in December, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local community center called The Las Vegas Indian Center for the holidays. Talk about amazing… I had the opportunity to decorate their facility for Christmas and let me tell you it came out beautifully, decorated stockings and hung them with care, organized things, helped wherever they needed me, wrapped gifts for children and worked closely with Santa when it came time to give them out. I’d say I did about 60 hrs. of volunteer work and loved every second of it.

I can honestly say that it was one of the biggest projects/opportunities that I ever had been a part of.  I’m so excited to see what more God has in store this year! There are other organizations that I’m looking into volunteering for and at this point I’m just taking it one day at a time with my eyes and heart open looking for that chance. Sometimes they find me and I love it!! Giving back to the community or just giving wherever and whenever possible feels good..

Dr. Ting thank you so much for making me feel comfortable the day you extracted a few dental roots that had been bothering me. On that day it started my journey in getting my dental work done… Unfortunately there’s lots of work to be done and I can’t quite afford it at this time nor have I done anything since then, I’m hopeful that a door will come open and God will provide a way for me to have an amazing and beautiful smile again. Like everything else in this life there’s a process and part of that process was writing this letter… I’m so glad I finally did!! Once again thank you for being so gracious and doing all that you do in our community, I know God honors that and you are truly blessed.

I hope you have an Amazing and Happy New Year!!!!!


The HOPE medical clinic requires our patients who have been helped by our team of volunteers to return the favor with 3 acts of kindness to 3 other individuals. A letter sharing these acts is asked as form of payment. By helping the uninsured and the low-income population of our community with this "pay it forward" concept, Operation H.O.P.E. can in fact help not just one person but an entire neighborhood, city, state, and ultimately the world!

Pay it Forward Stories

My appointment at Operation Hope last month changed my life.  I am

so thankful for the medical care I received as well as being treated with kindness from the clinic staff.  The one thing that was life changing to me was when the Dr. was explaining the “pay it forward program” and he mentioned that “our lives are valuable”!  This really stuck with me,

because for many years I have not taken care of myself… i am very

good about helping everyone around me, but for some reason, i just

didn’t matter to me!  The comment he made about our lives having value, really spoke to my heart.  I see life and myself a little different now!:)

I did many small “good deeds” as an attempt to “pay it forward” such as letting an elderly woman at Walmart go before me in line.  All the small things I valued at $50 each.  But what I did that had the greatest value was… I had the “your life has value” talk with a women who has done the same thing I did for so many years.  Take care of everyone else but herself!  Watching her make changes in her life has been such a blessing:)  She seems to see life from a different perspective now too!

Thank you. C.D

“Our lives are valuable!”
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