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On behalf of Operation H.O.P.E Inc. and Dr. Elliot Shin, I would like to express my appreciation for being a part of a cause that is making the difference in lives of people in our local community as well as around the world.  Together, with some of the most dedicated and incredible volunteer leaders; we are reaching out and Helping Other People Everywhere. 

As a native of Las Vegas Nevada, I have had the privilege of serving for the last two decades those considered to be “the least of these.” These are ones easily forgotten by society such as prisoners, orphans, widows, elderly, abused children, mentally ill, homeless, the terminally ill, and shut-ins.  These types of experiences have taught me many things, such as gratitude, humility, sacrifice, compassion, and the bottom line to all human needs, which is unconditional love.  I’ve learned that no matter where you are in life you have a God-given purpose, a great future and a blessed hope that far exceeds any trouble, mistake or setback that you or I may experience in life

Helping Other People Everywhere

I’m so excited about the amazing stories of personal transformations that are happening with the patients at our HOPE clinic.  When you visit our clinic, you will see posted on the wall the personal letters written to us by current

and former patients. .  Hundreds of individual patients who are coming to our clinics are having some of the most heart touching stories of how the hope clinic experience has helped them and others around them.   Those who visit our clinic continually mention how they can personally feel the unconditional love and hope that is being poured out through our compassionate volunteer healthcare professionals.​

We thank God and all the volunteers who help make Operation H.O.P.E Inc. a bright shining light for our community.  It is from this light that hurting individuals and families are finding HOPE and healing.  Through our organization we aim to bridge the gap between those in need with compassionate volunteer leaders who desire to make a difference

in our community. By mobilizing a team of volunteer leaders through our different programs such as the HOPE clinic; we can truly provide the practical help that will empower other people’s lives in a positive manner.  This will take teamwork to make this dream-work!

We are calling on the local faith based community, business community, healthcare community and any other individual who wants to make a difference in other peoples life to partner with us.  Please join us in seeing the HOPE vision of helping other people everywhere fulfilled.  Remember that your kind financial donations of love are building an amazing future!

Here to serve,

Johnny Morales
Chief Executive Officer
Operation H.O.P.E. Inc.

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